Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 3rd 2015
Halfinger Dr Lightning strike to a residential structure

On 9/3/15 @  21:27 hrs Station 8 was activated for a lightning strike to a house on Halfinger dr. Shortly after dispatch...

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Thu. Sep 3rd 2015
Jacksonville rd - Assit Police extinguishing a controlled burn

At 19:47hrs Station 8 was activated to assit the police with extinguishing a controlled burn. Engine 8-1 went enroute shortly...

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Fri. Aug 14th 2015
Smoke in a Commercial Structure - Sunoco Gas Station

On 08/14/15 @ 05:12 hrs Station 8 was dispatched on the first alarm assignment assiting Station 4 with an odor of something e...

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News Headlines
Fri. Aug 28th 2015
Circleville VFD Hosts Car Cruise

Circleville VFD Hosts Car Cruise

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Tue. Jul 7th 2015

Don't forget our annual street fair coming up in a few weeks. The fair runs from July 20-25th. Stop on up for some great ...

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Sat. Jun 13th 2015
LODD for Willie '' the old man" Sensenich

Today we lay to rest a brother fireman. He was a husband, a dad, and a grandfather. He was our top call runner year after yea...

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6 entries the in Call History
Wed. Feb 17th 2010

At approx 14:10, 17 Feb 10, Station 8 was dispatch to assist Station 4 on Arkansas Lane for a porch roof collapse. Crews from Rescue 8 assisted crews from Station 4 with cleari...

Tue. Feb 16th 2010

At approx 19:00 16 Feb 10, Station 8 was dispatched to assist Station 1, Larimer, with a possible electrical fire at Cleveland Price Industries on Route 993. The crew from Engine 8-2 assisted crews from Station 1 with checking the building with a t...

Mon. Feb 15th 2010

At approx 16:30, 15 Feb 10, Station 8 was dispatched to assist Station 4, Hartford Heights, on Ward Drive for a possible electrical fire. Engines 8-2, 8-1 and Rescue 8 responded to the scene to assist Engine 4 and Rescue 4. Crews from Engines 8-2 and 8-1 assisted crews from Station 4 with ex...

Sat. Feb 13th 2010

At approx. 01:00 13 Feb 10 Station 8 was dispatch to assist Station 1, Larimer, with a reported chimney fire on Route 993 in Ardara. Tower 1 arrived on scene and reported sparks coming from the chimney. Engine 8-2 arrived on scene behind Engine 12, North Irwin,  and Quint 7, Paintertown. The...

Tue. Feb 9th 2010

At 04:51 Tuesday Snorkel 8 was dispatched to assist station 15, Herminie,  for a working commercial structure fire. Intially told to disregard activation by dispatch, Snorkel 8 was still being requested to respond. Minutes after the first activation dispatch activated the station a...

Sun. Feb 7th 2010

Early sunday morning at approx. 02:30,  Station 8 was dispatched to a reported house fire on Lincoln Way near Johnson's green house. Asst 8 called on scene reporting the location to be off of Johnson Dr and heavy smoke in the structure. After some over haul and investigation it was...

6 entries the in Call History

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