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Sun. Oct 19th 2014

Station 8 was called to the 12000 block of Beacon drive in the Chestnut hills plan assisting station 6 with a reported oven f...

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Fri. Oct 17th 2014

Station 8 was dispatched to the 2000 block of Lindale ct in our first due area for an AFA just before 8pm. Engine 8-2 with 4 ...

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Wed. Oct 15th 2014

Station 8 was dispatched assisting station 6 for an AFA at the Shuster warehouse off of Clay pike RD at 15:27. A se...

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Fri. Oct 17th 2014
Winning Gun bash numbers For Oct 4th 2014

Winning numbers from our gun bash this past Saturday October 4th. 1:00 139 1:15 091 1:30 214 1:45 931 2:00 339 2:15 059 2:30 ...

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Tue. Sep 9th 2014

Our fall gun bash is nearly sold out. Tickets are far and few between. Would you still like to attend? we will be offering an...

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Fri. Sep 5th 2014

Station 8 was activated just after noon for a vehicle accident involving 3 cars at the intersection of Clay pike and Robbins ...

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Tuesday, March 6th 2012, Chimney Fire on Main Street in Hahntown Assisting Station 6
Tue. Mar 6th 2012

At approx 19:32 on Tuesday March 6th, CVFD was activated to assist Station 6, Hahntown, along with Stations 12 and 57, North Irwin and Irwin, for a Chimney Fire at 231 Main Street in Hahntown. Truck 8 went enroute with a crew of 8 followed by Engine 8-2 with a crew of 6 and Rescue 8 with a crew of 8. Ladder 6 arrived on scene and reported a working fire. Truck 8 arrived on scene taking a position in the front of the structure along with Engine 57 as Ladder 6 positioned in the driveway of the structure. Engine 8-2 and Rescue 8 stood by at a plug assignment near the corner tavern as Engine 12 stood by on the Irwin side of the scene. Crews from Ladder 6, Truck 8 and Engine 57 worked to extinguish the chimney and clear it. Engine 8-2 was pulled into the scene to provide assistance with chimney sweeps. Crews operated on scene for approx. 1 hour before returning in service.

Photo By: Bill Sombo

Photo By: Bill Sombo

Photo By: Bill Sombo

Photo By: Bill Sombo

Photo By: Bill Sombo

Photo By: Bill Sombo

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